Hi Tony, I have been reading all about Emmett therapy on Facebook and Twitter. However I don’t feel that anyone can appreciate the many benefits unless they have experienced it for themselves. Well Tony I want to tell all of the incredible difference you and your therapy have made to me, and I know I am not the only one. Three years ago I was struck down with a condition that left me completely paralysed. Over the next two and a half years the Doctors and Physio’s have done all they could with chemotherapy and manipulation to help me. They had some success, but during this time I became quite depressed as I had severe pain and was still very weak. About three months ago, as you know, we met through my partner and I have been having treatment most weeks. Firstly you took the excruciating pain away, and now I take no nasty painkillers. Then you worked on my legs and arms. I can now walk several yards with one walking stick, something I never ever thought I would. You also worked on my arms, that before you started, I could hardly move. Now I can do everything normally. One other thing you sorted were my hands and fingers. I could not write, hold a cup or knife and fork, now I can do all of these, and the difference to my life is incredible. Overall my life has been transformed and to think I thought you were a bit of a joke when you first came here. I am so ashamed that I doubted you Tony, and I would like to let everybody know how eternally grateful I and my family are to you. I last saw my neurologist a fortnight ago and he was open mouthed when I went in and stood up. He questioned me about my vast improvement, and I was delighted to inform him all about you, Tony, and Emmett therapy. He has now been in contact saying he wants to know more, which is what I think the NHS need. I now don’t think about dying and being a invalid. It is all down to you Tony, and I thank you, not only from the bottom of my heart, but from my very soul. Please carry on your exceptional work and I need to spread the Emmett work to everyone in need, I know what it can do.


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