I first met Tony a year or so after taking on a huge old 7 year old Great Dane called Jake. Danes often don’t live beyond 7-8 but we wanted to give him a loving home for however long he had left. Unbelievably we were his 6th home. Jake was a sweetheart!! Within the first year of taking him on Jake developed a degenerative spinal condition which made him weak in his back end, unable to stand and lay down without help, although when he was on his feet he was happy to walk and sniff around but because of his size he lost his confidence and eventually became quite depressed. The vet told me he probably had 3-4 months left to live and put him on steroids which gave Jake digestive issues. Not good!! He went from a happy confident boy to a sad, depressed dog who had lost his sparkle. 

Emmett therapy was suggested to me by a friend who’d heard that it works wonderfully to heal new and old injuries and an array of conditions in animals and humans alike.  I thought I had nothing to lose as the vet now had nothing more to offer. 

This is where the stars aligned and Tony came into our lives. With his kind, happy, professional and confident manner he treated Jake monthly, weekly and at the end, every couple of days which Jake always looked forward to and I smile when I remember looking out into the garden to see Jake and Tony on the grass, Tony trying to treat Jake while Jake tried to play fight with him. Jake loved Tony!!, (actually our whole family did and he sorted out all of our old aches and pains as a bonus). Tony gave Jake two more happy and confident years  of life and he lived to 10 which is a good age for a Dane.  Tony went above and beyond to help us with our lovely boy and we can’t thank him enough! We are so lucky that Tony came into our lives.

Jillie Harkness

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