Corporate Packages


In addition to offering EMMETT therapy via an individual one-to-one consultation, it is also possible to arrange for an EMMETT therapist to visit a company’s offices and provide a number of employees with access to this revolutionary complementary therapy.

The benefits of offering a therapy which will deliver relief from muscular discomfort are widespread:

Pain-free employees are likely to be happier, more mobile and ultimately, more productive

Various health problems (see earlier list of the different conditions which EMMETT therapy can help with) which employees may be experiencing can lead to frequent / extended periods of time off work. If the discomfort associated with these conditions can be alleviated by an EMMETT therapist, both the employee and the company benefits

The provision of this type of therapy to employees underpins the company’s commitment to employee health and well-being, creating a positive working environment

Because there is no recovery period required after a consultation, clients can return to their desks immediately, representing minimum disruption to the working day

Compared to other ‘group therapy’ sessions, a corporate EMMETT therapy session is competitively priced

Since the therapy can be delivered standing, sitting or lying down, while the client remains fully clothed, there is no need for staff members to feel embarrassed / uncomfortable whilst being treated in front of their colleagues

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