Dear Tony,

Thank you seeing me and helping to resolve the pain. I had a knee injury 6 years ago, had surgery and was on crutches for an over a year. I have lived with this pain and taking very strong pain killers with very little effect and many side effects. This limited me in many activities, couldn’t climb stairs, coming down stairs was excruciatingly painful. I have spent so much money many therapies with very little effect.

By chance I met you and found out about your therapy the Emmett technique. I wasn’t sure what you do or what the treatment entailed When you started and applied gentle touch to the affected area, I was under the impression that you were just assessing my knee. You asked me to walk a short distance from my sitting position and back to you, which I thought was part of the assessment.

To my amazement my pain suddenly disappeared, which I didn’t understand. I didn’t believe that it was real, I thought it might all come back again. That night, I had the most peaceful and pain free sleep for many years. The pain, tightness and swelling had completely disappeared, I still can’t believe it and keep expecting it to come back, but nothing has happened since and it been about 6 months. I sing your praises to everyone I meet as I couldn’t believe what looks like a simple touch could have a positive impact on my life, painkiller free and pain free.

Thank you Tony, I wish I had known about your technique sooner.

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