Well I had a treatment from Tony today on my Left Arm, I have suffered with Lymphoedema for around 11 years now. well lets just say I can’t believe that I can now lift my arm above my head and its also pain free, which is such a treat as its in constent pain. I really find it amazing how you touch certain points on the arm and it made my fingers tingly then Tony asked me to lift my arm as high as I can and I could get it over my head.

Tony also did my knee’s and Back as I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis which is painful so Tony worked his Magic again touching certain pressure points and again the thingly feeling then I walked on the spot for a while and was able to move with no pain. I highly recommend Tony,why not give him a try and see for yourself how well the technique works….. I shall be using Tony again and I shall be telling my Friends & Family. Its like you have been Factory Reset…. Give it a try if your in Pain its well worth it. Thank you again Tony.

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