My friend Elaine mentioned Tony Sherry an Emmett specialist was interested in doing an animal practitioners course at her house. I said cool. Sign me up. Treating my own animals was going to be great. My fibromyalgia was bad and I was walking with a stick. In a lot of pain and a lot of meds.

Myself, Lorna, Elaine and Tony started the Emmett journey. We spent the day treating Elaine’s two Newfoundlands and her Jack Russell……and me! After a couple of treatments (on me) Tony and the girls said “wow! Your face has relaxed” and I was able to sit in the chair without the usual grimace, ooo’s and aahh’s or it taking half an hour.

My muscles went into overdrive of spasms, my feet wouldn’t move, my body twisted and I was, if I’m honest, a bit scared of “what the heck is happening, is it bad, is it good? Well, I can now categorically say it was more than good. The relief I felt from not holding my body in a certain way and the pain relief was beyond words.

I had gone into Tony’s class with a dread on how the heck was I going to treat animals low down. I walked out of “one” class with Tony Sherry with my walking stick over my shoulder feeling like Liza Minnelli! I was euphoric. My mind was blown that day and has been everyday since. I really don’t have enough words to say how grateful I am to my friend Elaine for introducing me to Tony and Emmett and to Tony who has changed my life beyond anything I could have imagined.

I no longer need a stick. I take paracetamol now and again. I no longer have to take Gabapentin, Nurofen, Morphine or Tramadol four times a day. I am now an Animal and  Human Emmett Practitioner.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Tony 💜

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